Appraisal Services

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality assessment of your vehicle. We will determine the originality, the structural, mechanical and cosmetic condition to provide you with an accurate market value. Our experience and comprehensive knowledge enables us to provide the highest quality appraisal services available.

Why Have a Professional Appraisal Done?

There are many reasons for having an automotive appraisal but the primary reason would be to protect your investment. Understanding the actual value of your vehicle will provide you with critical information in determining your insurance needs. Additionally, if you need financing or are selling your vehicle you will want to have an accurate understanding of your vehicle's value.

We are frequently at many car shows and auctions. We can provide purchase consulting.

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Appraisal Services Offered

BasicComprehensiveDiminished ValueConsulting
Service Fee$100.00$225.00$225.00N/A
Travel FeeNone$100.00/hr + Travel Expenses $100.00/hr + Travel Expenses$100.00/hr
Services Included
Duration of Consultation20 min45 min45 minVaries
On-Site Vehicle InspectionN/Ayesyesyes
Cosmetic & Structural Quality AssessmentN/Ayesyesyes
Expert TestimonyN/AN/AN/Ayes
Expert Purchase AssistanceN/AN/AN/Ayes

Basic Appraisal

The basic appraisal provides you a simple market value based on the information provided by the owner, which may include a vehicle description and photographs. This report may be completed by email.

Comprehensive Appraisal

The comprehensive appraisal includes an on-site vehicle inspection to assess the originality, the cosmetic and structural and any other unique characteristics or market considerations.

Diminished Value

The diminished value appraisal evaluates the reduction in value caused by damage, substandard repair or damage disclosure requirements. To determine the diminished value, an assessment must be made as to the quality of repair, the type of damage, the pre-damage condition, and the disclosure requirements.

Consulting/Expert Testimony

The consulting appraisal is an expert consulting service provided for restoration disputes, litigation matters, purchase evaluations, authenticity determinations, negotiations, and market assessment and predictions. This service can also be used for expert purchase assistance at most major shows.

* All appraisals are written in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We guarantee to provide an accurate, unbiased appraisal to our clients.

We Provide Appraisals for the Following

Pre-purchase Inspection A thorough evaluation of the vehicle and its authenticity. A phone consultation is provided to assist in the purchase decision process.
Diminished Value Determine depreciation caused by vehicle damage, substandard repair, and/or disclosure requirements.
Equitable Distribution Unbiased and accurate value determination to assist in asset division.
Charitable Donations Accurate value determination for tax purposes.
IRS Issues Determine fair market value to protect your interest in legal matters.
Insurance Providing an unbiased and qualified value determination you may use to secure appropriate insurance to protect your investment.
Accidents Provide expert recommendations to the type of repair necessary and the implications upon the market value of the vehicle.
Financing Provide fair market value for lender evaluation.
Selling Provide you with prevailing market value.
Estates Establish value for tax or estate resolution.
Bankruptcy Determine fair market value for bankruptcy proceedings.
Restoration Disputes Determine the value of the restoration work or the lack of. Provide expert opinion of the quality of the work.
Business Dissolution To determine the fair market value of the vehicle assets. Offer expert opinion as to the best approach to sell the assets.
Court Litigation & Expert Witness Services Expert consultation to assist your legal team.


Andrew Pinter
Ph: 919.669.1706
Fax: 919.847.6321

  • Elizabethtown College
    • BS in Business Administration
    • Concentration: Marketing
    • Captain of Elizabethtown College Wrestling Team
  • North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • North Carolina Licensed General Contractor (see: Pinter Construction & Development and AndRic Development)

Automotive Experience

35 years of restoration and sales experience with thousands of classic and late model vehicle sales

Over 25 years of appraisal experience, a comprehensive knowledge of muscle cars, Corvettes and other specialty cars.

A thorough knowledge of restoration techniques, assessing originality and authenticity.

Attended Auburn, Carlisle, Bloomington,Charlotte, Hershey, Atlantic City and many of the major automotive shows on a regular basis for the last 30 years.

An active member of many of the Manheim Auto Auctions throughout the United States.

Recognized as an automotive expert by the Federal and the North Carolina State Court Systems.

Provided services to many of the major Insurance carriers and again recognized as an automotive expert.

Vehicle Transportation

We can assist in finding open or enclosed transport throughout the United States. Additionally we can provide services to transport vehicles to east and west coast ports.

Our service includes a thorough vehicle condition report upon carrier pick-up to document your vehicle's condition. All our transporters are licensed and insured.